1. Students who want to take English courses in Toronto at CLC must complete the registration form either online (an online link is available below), by fax, or by scanning and emailing it. Registration should be received at least 3 weeks prior to the starting date.
  2. Upon receiving your application, the school will send you an invoice by email and request a payment of CAD $100 (non-refundable Registration Fee) and a 25% deposit. These fees can be paid by credit card, wire transfer or money order.
  3. Once the school has received payment, CLC will issue the student a letter of Acceptance.
  4. Once the Visa (if necessary) has been obtained, the school will supply the student with their accommodation and airport pick up confirmation. (NOTE: if students have chosen airport pick-up, flight information must be sent prior to the student’s arrival.)
  5. Upon arrival in Toronto, CLC will send a representative to pick you up at the airport and take you to your homestay (if requested). Please look for a sign with your name on it.
  6. When you arrive at CLC on the starting date indicated on your letter of acceptance, you will complete your registration and will be required to pay the balance of your fees in full. On the first day of class you will write a placement test. Based on your results, you will be placed in the appropriate level.
  7. Your class schedule will also be provided, and you will be able to purchase course materials/books as required.
  8. You will speak with the Academic Coordinator to have your needs assessed, and you will be given a thorough orientation of CLC academics, school policies, and life in Toronto.



Our preferred and easiest method of international fee payment is through the Pay to Study service operated by Paytostudy. By using the Pay to Study service you are able to pay at your local bank in your home currency and will be offered a beneficial exchange rate without incurring any bank transfer charges.

All payments made in this way can be tracked 24 hours a day online. Therefore you will not need to contact Canada Language Centre to confirm whether or not payment has been received.

Should you have any queries about the Pay to Study service or your payment please do not hesitate to contact the Pay to Study Customer Care Team at

To make a payment to us:

Click here to commence your payment:

Please check your invoice letter for details of how much you need to pay, you can use pay to study to pay your tuition fee deposit, balance and any other administration charges that appear on your invoice.



Students must submit a written notice of withdrawal to CLC in order to be considered for a refund. Verbal notices are not considered.

  1. The policy applies to tuition only. Application fees, airport reception fees, and medical insurance are non-refundable.       Students unable to obtain a Visa/Study Permit are entitled to a full refund of tuition paid (less the nonrefundable fees mentioned in section 1. and all associated bank transfer fees), once the student has returned the original letter of acceptance, with a copy of the rejection letter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.  Please allow up to 8 weeks from notice of visa refusal for the refund to take effect.
  2. In cases not related to Visa/Study Permit complications, Canadian Language & Learning Centre Inc. has the following cancellation policy: After the approval of student visa by the Canadian Authority, no refund will be made if an
    applicant for personal reasons does not come to Canada or does not study the course applied for.
    When an international student enrolled with CLC on the basis of a study permit either withdraws from or is dismissed by CLC, CLC will notify Citizenship and Immigration Canada within fourteen (14) calendar days that the student has either withdrawn or been dismissed.
  3. Refunds before a program of study starts: If written notice of withdrawal is received by CLC less than seven (7) days after the contract is made and before the program start date CLC may retain the lesser of 25% of the total fees or CAD$500.00. If written notice of withdrawal is received by CLC thirty (30) or more days before the program start date CLC may retain 25% of the total fees. If written notice of withdrawal is received by CLC less than thirty (30) days before the program start date CLC may retain 40% of the total fees.
  4. Canadian Language & Learning Centre Inc. requires any request for refund where student has registered through an agent, be made through that agent. If the student has registered directly through Canadian Language & Learning Centre Inc. an international money order will be issued.
  5. Any accommodation cancellation (minimum of 21 days in advance) is subjected to a $ 150.00 charge on used accommodation fees.
  6. A student who wishes to postpone the start date may do so providing they inform the Canadian Language & Learning Centre Inc. in writing at least 4 weeks prior to original start date.  Additional postponements will incur a $100 penalty; not all postponements will be granted, as they may be limited by Visa dates.  Refunds will not be granted for postponements that jeopardize Visa status.       There is a 6 month limit on extensions.
  7. If student cancels in writing after the program has started, the following percentage of tuition fees will be refunded:
        • Less than 10% of program completed: 50% of total fees
        • 10-30% of program completed: 30% of total fees
        • More than 30% of program completed: 0% (no refund)
        • There will be no refunds on 4 week registrations

1. The Homestay Placement Fee is non-refundable under all circumstances.

2. All Homestay fees are refunded if a Student Permit is denied and the student provides CLC with written notification as outlined in the CLC Refund Policy.
3. If a student withdraws from Homestay, in writing, 30 days prior to the Homestay commencement date all Homestay Fees will be refunded.
4. If a student withdraws from Homestay, in writing, before, but less than 30 days prior to the commencement of Homestay, all Homestay Fees will be refunded except fees for the first 2weeks of Homestay.
5. There will be a $25 Homestay Move Fee for any change of homestay, unless otherwise approved by the CLC Director responsible for Homestay.
6. If a student requests to transfer to a different homestay family, the Homestay Move Fee will be charged and fees for the next 4 weeks contract period may be charge unless otherwise approved by the CLC Director responsible for Homestay.
7. A student will be dismissed from homestay if he or she has violated Canadian law and/or CLC Homestay Regulations.

The following may be causes for the dismissal of a student: – Possession of illegal or dangerous drugs or weapons – Cheating, plagiarism, stealing, or forgery – Theft of non-accidental destruction of school property – Lewd, indecent, or obscene behavior on school property – Abusive behavior toward other students or school staff.  Please see our student handbook for more information on such policies as these.